Oil painting reproductions on canvas

Painting reproduction studio

All of our oil painting reproductions are produced on canvas and are 100% handpainted by our studio's skilled artists.
Our beautiful oil paintings are of the best quality money can buy, and are works of art that you will be able to keep for ages to come.
Our philosophy is to focus on a strict follow-up of the art processing to ensure your satisfaction. We aim to increase our customer base and maintain customer loyalty through confidence in our products and a continued high quality of service.

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Handmade oil paintings

Our reproductions are painted on quality canvas in our studio. Upon completion they are dried before passing a 2nd inspection and verification process, and then meticulously wrapped and packed for shipment to you.

We do not work with middle men, or a costly sales team, we do not buy from other painting shops to sell them to you, hence no overcharging or inflated prices.

We are proud to provide quality reproductions made the traditional way, at a fair price, for our clientele of connoisseurs for the past 20 years.

What's in it for you?

You are buying a top quality product, and working with people who understand your needs.

By ordering a reproduction at our studio, you are investing in a painting that will last for decades, so it might as well be perfect! Our quality is top-notch, our painting reproductions are beautiful, and we stand by our products.

Order your reproduction painting using our online shop, or ask us for a quotation if you have a special painting in mind.

Buy your painting reproduction the proper way

1. Do business with a real artists studio
To begin with, make sure that the website you choose represents a painting workshop, where you will have access to the painting being prepared. Most internet resellers actually buy from China's reproduction factories, where the canvases are painted in chains in dubious conditions.
At Painting Reproductions (Cau Tai Gallery), we have a large workshop, where painters make your painting copies in better conditions than in the US. We do not store many paintings, and, when you order, we prepare your artwork especially for you, from cutting the canvas to its finish and packaging.

2. Art reproduction techniques
Technically, we start from the darkest layers, without details, to gradually go up to the clearest tones, refining the details as we progress through the painting.
For the luxury line, we do not work in linear (colors juxtaposition), but in successive layers, that are superimposed in transparency (the glaze, a classic oil painting technique). Hence more work and material, but an exceptional result.

3. Deadlines and prices for your painting reproduction
Each painting is made after order, according to your specifications. Paintings are classified in three difficulty levels, depending on the level of details, the number of subjects and the textures.
If certain paintings are easy to reproduce, some can be extremely complicated—I am thinking of old masters paintings that are full of details, for example.
Most of our painting reproductions are done in about five to six weeks. The luxury line’s within eight to ten weeks.

4. Sending of your paintings with a professional shipping company
It’s important for us to make sure that your painting arrives in good condition.
Some professionals send your painting parcel by the regular post office, at your own risk. The transport than can take up to several weeks, under conditions that are questionable, to say the least.
A professional carrier do all our shipments—UPS or Fed-Ex for the United States. The package will arrive in good condition at your place, few days after it is sent, and you are insured in case of degradation or loss.

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Testimonial from a real client

Paul, Could not be happier with the painting. Thank you! Can’t take my eyes off it. We are starting to frame.
(Todd Rhoda, New-York, USA)

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