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Gustav Klimt's hand painted reproductions with oil paint on canvas

Buy Klimt’s hand painted reproductions of superb craftsmanship, that mimic every detail of the master’s work. Choose from dozens of canvas.


Gustav Klimt has a style of his own and making reproductions of Klimt's paintings is a job apart.

He did many portraits, at least for his best-known works, and used motifs that were the basis of his paintings. We recognize a painting by Gustav Klimt to the richness of his decorations, the profusion of details, the precision of his portraits and the particular use of colors.

What makes his paintings interesting to reproduce is that Klimt had an original painting technique that used gold leaf.


Reproductions of Klimt's paintings with gold leaf

Using gold leaf is neither new nor extraordinary. Decorators often used it on many objects before the 18th century. But only Klimt used the gold leaf technique to enhance his oil paintings... and now our painting studio to reproduce his paintings.

We make only some of our Klimt paintings with gold leaf, as the master did, and paintings are in our luxury line-for obvious reasons. We reproduce these paintings with gold leaf, which explains their higher price. It is possible to order them in plain regular paint as well.

There are many reproductions of Klimt on the market, we want to stand out of the crowd by offering an original product; unlike other workshops, we realize our paintings 100% manually, using traditional techniques.

Gustav Klimt's style

Klimt became popular through his work as a decorative painter, painting scenes and historical figures to beautify public buildings. He continued to refine the qualities of the shimmering motifs of his almost abstract compositions during this period, known as the "Golden Phase", which will become the real subjects of his paintings.

Although a painter of the "Fine Arts", Klimt was an extraordinary emissary of the balance between fine arts and  decorative art. Having had his first successes in painting on architectural backgrounds, he accepted that many of his best-known works were intended to complement other interior design elements, creating a Gesamtkunstwerk (A Complete Artwork). Later in his career he will work with artists from Wiener Werkstätte, the Austrian design organization, which aims to improve the quality and charm of everyday objects.

A little story of Gustav Klimt

Klimt was one of the most important founders of the Viennese Secession of 1897, and was his first president, although it wasn not for his artistic achievements—the number of his works being relatively limited then—but rather for the youth of his personality and his desire to challenge the artistic authorities. His power and world renown as a painter of Art nouveau contributed to the success of the Secession's beginnings—but also to the decline of the movement when he left it in 1905.

Although Klimt's art is now popularized, it remained neglected for most of the 20th century. His work in public spaces provoked clouds of opposition, being accused of obscenity because of their erotic content-which led Klimt to withdraw from government tenders at once. His drawings were not less provocative and reflected the expression of his considerable sexual appetite.

Despite his celebrity and generosity in supporting young artists, such as Egon Schiele and Oskar Kokoschka, Klimt had no followers and his work has always been personal and particular, until nowadays. However, Gustav Klimt's paintings share many formal and thematic features with the Expressionists and Surrealists of the inter-war years, even though many of them did not know him.

A complete biography of Gustav Klimt
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