Outrenoir oil painting reproductions on canvas

100% handmade by our studio's skillful artists

Outrenoir serie hand painted reproductions with oil paint on canvas

Buy Pierre Soulages' Outrenoir serie reproductions of superb craftsmanship, that mimic every detail of the master’s work. Choose from a dozen of canvas.


"Outrenoir is not an optical phenomenon,” says the 95-year-old French artist captured here at his Paris studio of the gleaming, luminescent quality of the work. “It’s a mental state that you reach when you look deep into it, it’s beyond black.”

It's fairly complicated to reproduce these Outrenoir paintings of Pierre Soulages.

It requires a lot of matter, a lot of time. We are procesing the painting with thick layers of paint and silicone to approach the master craftmanship.


Outrenoir serie from Pierre Soulages's style

Lack of time today, but I will explain soon how he does work.

A little story of Outrenoir serie from Pierre Soulages

Story about Outrenoir soon too.

I don't expect anybody to read it, but you never know...

A complete biography of Outrenoir serie from Pierre Soulages
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