Vermeer oil painting reproductions on canvas

100% handmade by our studio's skillful artists

Vermeer's hand painted reproductions with oil paint on canvas

Buy Johannes Vermeer’s hand painted reproductions of superb craftsmanship, that mimic every detail of the master’s work. Choose from dozens of canvas.


Making a Vermeer's reproduction is a lot of work, even these days. Since we have to make a reproduction of a painting, not a reproduction of a live scene, we do not use a camera obscura, of course.

But to be thorough and paint like Vermeers, we use a transfer of the painting, that help us draw the outlines exactly. The undercoat are often applied with ultramarine, as Vermeer would do. He used ultramarine as an undercoat in his works as he felt this would enhance the painting's visual quality and surface which, he believed, resulted in his techniques being enhanced.

Once that is done, we start the long work of copying the textures and colors, layer by layers, painting with glazes, until the result becomes perfect.

For Johannes Vermeer painting reproductions, you can order the canvas aged - yes, we can even reproduce the little cracks that makes the painting look old.

Johannes Vermeer's style

For the era, Vermeer painted in a style that we would today call hyper-realistic; every details, every light effect of the scene being meticulously reproduced.

To produce this astounding results of light and darkness, it is believed that Vermeer used a camera obscura - a kind of black box with a hole with a lens in it. The inside of the box would be coated white and utilizing some lenses and mirrors it could reflect an outside image within. This would intensify the reflection’s lights and shadows, allowing the artist to see finer details on surfaces and objects.

It is often reported by art historians and teachers that Vermeer most likely used the tip of his brush handle to erase and recreate certain parts of his painting. He would erase a layer of paint to reveal the undercoating to create a feeling of depth and also to accentuate several light reflections.

To complete off his piece of art, Vermeer's covered them with a type of varnish. This was applied over the paintings to not only protect them yet but as well to add a general shine.

A little story of Johannes Vermeer

ermeer was a realist artist who focused on chiaroscuro and became a pro using this technique. The artist specialized in using the camera obscura that had surfaced in Dutch markets, and was a devoted fan of using various lens and glass contraptions to discover new ways of capturing light in various contexts.

There is only little information on Vermeer's personal life. He appears to have committed his lifetime to his work and never left his home town of Delft. The secret surrounding Vermeer led to Thoré Bürger naming him "The Sphinx of Delft".

A complete biography of Johannes Vermeer
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