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Our painting reproduction studio's story

A short story about who we are and how the painting studio in Ho Chi Minh city came to see the light, some 20 years ago.

Our painting reproduction studio opened in 1996

The painting workshop opened in 1996 in the northern suburbs of Saigon, Vietnam.
It was a small structure at first, with few painters and a clientele of expatriates and locals interested in painting on canvas techniques.

In the beggining, there was nothing

At the time Vietnam was an emerging country, and the internet did not yet know the commercial development it has today.
Some customers, who appreciated the quality of our work, began to export our paintings, mainly to Europe and the United States. It kind of started just like that...

The Beginning Of Tourism And The Internet

About ten years later, as tourism developed, we decided to open a small shop in the tourist district of Saigon (Pham Ngu Lao), in order to take advantage of Vietnam’s growing tourism industry, and show the public our artists painters at work.
It was obviously a good move since the store is still open to this day.

The French website was launched a few years ago, and has become more successful only in the last year - it struggled at first to find visitors. Competition is stiff and it was difficult to get correctly ranked. Our loyal clientele has helped us a lot in this endeavor, and we thank them for that!


Our team

The artists’ team is made of twenty in-house painters, and twenty to thirty freelancers.
The management include: Paolo, who manages the business and tends to the website, Baptiste supervises the painting studio, and Miss Lan takes care of the store.
Our customer base consists of The United States (70%), France (20%) and the remaining 10% are local customers and the rest of the world.

Our Painting studio’s services

We now have a large 1000 square meter studio, and a decent production capacity.

We can make for you, on request:

We offer attractive wholesale rates for interior designers, hotels or resellers.

We provide two different qualities: regular painting reproductions and luxury line.

  • Our regular quality: we work the painting flat, in juxtapositions of colors. This technique, simple and faster, gives a very good result for regular paintings, and a good result for the others, even the old masters. The cost is lower because it requires less material, and less working hours.


  • Our luxury line: the canvases are worked in several layers, using a glazing technique for the most complex paintings, with more material, and we devote twice as much time to the details. This quality is recommended for all complex and detailed paintings, like the old masters' paintings. If you choose the luxury line, our carpenter can make for your painting a wood stretcher with keys, especially for your canvas. It is possible to add a wood shadow box frame if you want it delivered mounted.


We are looking forward to the pleasure of working on one of your painting.

The Cau Tai studio’s team.

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