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Painting samples gallery

Find here some paintings we made at the studio. There's no specific order in size or quality, just what we are doing.

An C.bell Finis Coronat Opus
An1ia Un Elephant Dans La Brousse
An1p Elephants Au Tronc D Arbre
Basquiat Dustheads
Basquiat Fishing
Basquiat Hk
Basquiat Self Portrait As A Hell
Campbell Soup Warhol
Chagall With Roland
Cinema 06 Grace
Combas Voiture De Marie
De Chirico
Dt 2
Ferreiro Hugh Toto
Frida Khalo Butterfly
Geek Painting
Guernica With Polo
Hockney Pool 2
Hockney Splash
Hopper Hotel Room
Img 0699
Img 2346
Img 3687
Img 6864
Img 7327
Img 9782
Khalo 2 Khalo
Klimt Ages De La Femme
Lichtenstein Drowning Girl 169-5 X 172-5 Cm
Lichtestein 1
Magritte 5
Magritte Condition Humaine
Magritte Condition Humaine 2
Magritte Golconda
Nielly Knife Painting
Picasso Ongles Verts
Pollock 150 X 97 Cm
Rockwell Delivery
Sarkis Muradyan Komitas Vardapet - L Ultime Nuit
Soulages Blue
Soulages Outrenoir
Soulages Outrnoir 2
Sp1l Joueur Base Ball
Speedy Graphito Pomme Etc
Stael Agrigente
Stael Marine
Thaulow River
The Baths
Tole 0818
Tole 2737
Tole 2872
Tole 3056
Tole 3068
Tole 3103
Tole 3152
Tole 3154
Tole 5777
Troy Henriksen Life Goes On
Van Gogh Starry Night
Vg Vigne Rouge
Zao Wou-ki Hommage
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